Comment faire du boeuf dans une belle couleur???

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Comment faire du boeuf dans une belle couleur???

Messagepar davidspen » 11 oct. 2018 [04:06]

Although many legacies have been created, some say that Flash is dead and has been overthrown by HTML5. Is it true?

No longer consider Flash as a useful tool and focus on HTML 5 development instead.

Flash has a long history, but it is not “flashy” anymore compare to its descendant - HTML 5. Big companies and enterprise no longer consider Flash as a useful tool and focus on HTML 5 development instead.
Lots of websites still use Flash in their web application implementation. But in the 4.0 technology era, information security is a significant concern, and Flash does not meet the standard safety requirements.
In the downfall of Flash, will HTML5 take its place? Or once again, will Flash rule still?


Flash is first introduced to the world as a tool to play audio and video on the net. Adobe Flash, in no time, born strong, overgrow and appear in every website, big and small, that plays media. People are no longer in need of other media plugins since the development of Flash. These kinds of the platform also give us various genres, so even the little kids can easily find makeup, makeovers, babies & more in the best most popular girls games for their entertainment.
At that time, YouTube videos were having some rendering troubles, and Flash was there to become an ultimate solution. We can all admit that Flash contributed a big part in the exponential growth of YouTube.

Flash exists at every corner of the Internet.

Perhaps most of us have been asked by the browser to install plugins to play certain content when loading web pages. This is the time that Flash exists at every corner of the Internet. Yes, Flash Player on the web needs plugins to run normally.
The game has a longer history, and Flash is also a part of it. Most people from the 1990s will remember the legends of, or, two of the most well-known flash game websites which are still playable today.
But let’s remember the time of 2008 when the high-end model of Nokia was still using the Symbian operating system. At the same time, the use of the mobile web is almost impossible.
Instead, we can only use the wap site, the short version for mobile. The reason for this problem comes from Flash itself, Flash is hugely active on the web and requires plugins to use, which the mobile devices cannot install at that time.
HTML5 has become a lifeline for all of these issues. The HTML language has long been considered the only programming language compatible with all browsers.
HTML5 has become a lifeline for all of these issues.

This solves the problem of synchronizing content on computers and mobile devices, using a variety of operating system platforms.
With HTML5, audio to video content can be processed on the web without having to install any additional plugins, mobile devices will now be much easier to access. Various digital content through the browser. That means there is no difficulty to find some different games’ genre for both you and your partner such kind of free online couples games
HTML 5’s first appearance was released in 2012. It all began when W3C decide to work on the newly-improved version of the HTML 4.01. The changes include more functions, which led to a better and more powerful framework.
The release drastically changes the way web developers approach and handle the elements of the web.


Flash is powerful, and the most apparent evidence is its compatibility. You can use Flash to smoothly play any video and audio on any device, as long as they have respectively installed their flash player.
But one powerful statement from an influential person has changed it all. Steve Jobs once declared that Flash would be a flop in the future. He firmly believes that using HTML5 instead of Flash in Apple’s products will lead the company to great success.
While losing in the mobile platform, Flash is now targeting the Desktop devices. Unfortunately, Youtube no longer in need of Flash supports and switched to the powerful HTML5 to improve the rendering ability.
HTML5 is just simply better in all the details. There are too many exposures of Flash that can be easily exploited. Taking over control of a computer with Flash is easy as pie. This led to the adaptation to HTML 5 of many great manifestos.


Now let’s take a look at the factual distinction between HTML5 and Flash.
First of all, we need to accept the fact that they are two genetically different technologies with the common goal of execution. Both can be implemented in many reciprocal media, applications, and games.
HTML5 was born with the aim of supporting the media broadcasting function. On the other hand, Flash was the only technology that could stream media all over the Internet. Still, there are many other features that distinct HTML5 and Flash to take a more in-depth look into.


Open Source, which means anyone can contribute to the development of HTML5. It also carries the mean of free to use, free to implement, by anyone.
Use less power than Flash.
Have some compatible problems with the non-supported browser.


A proprietary solution belongs to Adobe. If someone needs to use Flash, they are juridically related to Adobe.
Have a higher power consumption than HTML5.
Not to talk about some contents since there is multiple version of Flash (required lots of updates)..
Recently, the growth of mobile devices with a bigger screen is inevitable, but batteries are not sharing the same progress. Therefore, the demand for a less power consuming technology is crucial.
The image below showed how HTML5 is supported by state-of-the-art browsers. In the future, people will mostly use these modern browsers, and more supported extensions will be developed to make HTML5 compatible with more devices. In fact, it is cannot deny that this platform support graphics design efficiently, such kind of flower games for girls! dress up, color in, plant a whole garden of flowers till running with eye-catching images. You can find visit link for more

There are different supports for HTML5.

As the information gathered from the image above, with each different browser, there are different supports for HTML5. Google Chrome is almost entirely compatible with HTML with a score of 526 out of 555 points.


It is quite obvious that HTML5 has a pretty positive future while the reign of Flash is collapsing due to its backward administration and lack of remarkable improvement. May predicted that HTML5 is will be the new open standard for the developers to follow in the future.
Despite the spectacular success of HTML5, many websites are still using Flash. And Flash is not dead yet, at least not until all the memorable marvelous Flash games are eradicated from the Internet.
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Re: Comment faire du boeuf dans une belle couleur???

Messagepar marie74* » 13 oct. 2018 [22:04]

c'est a dire,quelle recette?

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